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          At Hanwha Phasor, we are at the forefront of pioneering enterprise-grade Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) antennas for satellite communications on the move, designed to provide seamless connectivity across air, land, and sea. Our advanced technological capabilities cater to both commercial and military clientele.

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        • In June 2020, Hanwha Systems, a prominent South Korean aerospace and defense company, took a visionary step by establishing Hanwha Phasor.

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        • At Hanwha Phasor, our leadership team is composed of individuals with extensive experience in grasping the intricacies of our industry, technology, and solutions.

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          At Hanwha Phasor, we are at the forefront of pioneering enterprise-grade active electronically steered user terminals for satellite communications on the move, designed to provide seamless connectivity across air, land, and sea. Our advanced technological capabilities cater to both commercial and military clientele.

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        • Cruise into a new era of on-the-move connectivity with our revolutionary maritime communications solutions.

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        • Our commitment to your mission is the driving force behind our efforts to pioneer solutions for mobile communications.

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RF Analog IC Engineer (Principal Level)

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The world is analog … or is it?

Are you bright and bold enough to change the way we think? Our cutting-edge satcom antenna for communications on the move is waiting for your expertise. Come and put your mark on the next generation of our highly integrated core IC solutions.

As the original disruptors in high performance, low profile active electronically steered antennas (AESAs), we chose an analog-intensive hybrid solution. We are the only team so far to demo multi-axis capability in real-world conditions and we are closing in on our goal: enterprise-grade performance in all orbits. We will shortly be taping out the latest Rx/Tx chipset for our launch product.

That means we’re already looking ahead to the next generation solution. Some believe analogue/RF beamforming is still the best route. Others say digital. We have different solutions for different bands. But we need brilliant RF/analog ASIC engineers to challenge our opinions and help us with state-of-the-art solutions for tomorrow.

“Developing our own ASIC is the only way to break the trade-off between power consumption, cost and performance in satcom antennas,” says Hanwha Phasor CEO Dongwan Yoo. Read more …

Location: Cambridge

Technical responsibilities

  • Responsible for ASIC specifications, architecture design, top level design & verification, block level designs and on-time tape-out of ASICs.
  • Responsible for design of a transmitter & receiver blocks in Ku/Ka band in deep sub-micron CMOS technologies.
  • Hands-on block-level design of various RF blocks such as PA, LNA, VGA, Phase shifters, Power Splitters/combiners
  • Delivering high quality RF/Analog blocks with leading edge performance using innovative architectures and circuit implementations.
  • Work closely with the layout team on IP floor-planning, trial layout design, parasitic extraction, and modifications.
  • Co-ordinate and manage design activities with other colleagues and external technical contractors.
  • Collaborate with CAD, process technology, package design, Antenna & hardware teams.
  • Document own work and lead/chair design reviews.

Organisational responsibilities

  • Ongoing development of core competencies & technical skills
  • Mentoring junior engineers
  • Receptive and agile to the project needs.
  • Good estimation of timescales and costs for projects & sub tasks
  • Be a role model for good engineering practices (processes, documentation, tools & automation, etc.), including proposing and leading process improvement activities.
  • Identify and mitigate risks, flag and resolve issues effectively so project milestones remain on schedule.

Essential qualifications and skills

  • An Engineering degree in a relevant discipline
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal IC design (preferably 15GHz or higher operating frequencies) – including 2 or more successful tape-outs.
  • Excellent demonstrated leadership skills to motivate and direct design teams to deliver.
  • Excellent understanding of state-of-the-art RF CMOS circuit design and transceiver architectures
  • Experience of designing high performance Analog/RF circuits in deep sub-micron technology as well as a strong analytical approach with a clear track record of success and delivery
  • Cadence Virtuoso Design Framework Experience
  • Ability to collaborate and co-ordinate work with engineering teams across multiple disciplines during ASIC project development.
  • Great communication skills and able to take responsibility for complex circuit and system designs and delivery to tight timescales.


  • Experience in 22nm FDSOI or other sub 45nm CMOS process nodes for RF/High speed ICs
  • Experience with process relating to production release and qualification.
  • Experience in EM modelling tools such as RFPro or EMX
  • Experience in mmW/RF IC design
  • Experience in LNA design and RF PA
  • Understanding of Radio systems, gain and noise budgeting, phase noise and intermodulation mechanisms
  • Experience in RFIC Characterisation
  • Experience in Chip ESD design & qualification

Cambridge Technology Centre:

Hanwha Phasor’s ASIC Centre of Excellence is based in Cambridge Science Park, comprising 150 acres/1.7 million square feet of high technology and laboratory buildings and home to some 7,000 people at over 130 companies, ranging from exciting start-ups to some of the world's leading technology businesses.

  • Attractive landscaped setting, with abundant greenery, lakes and wildlife
  • Gym, nursery, hairdressers, cafes, coffee shops and Cambridge’s famous foodPark, a collective of top-quality Cambridge-based street food traders – up to six food trucks arrive on site every Thursday, offering top-notch food year round, whatever the weather.
  • Many cycleways and bus networks, linking to the rail network, which is a 10-minute walk away. Cambridge town centre is 10 minutes by car.