Maritime Broadband Markets

The commercial maritime market is quite diverse and has been an early adopter and strong user of Mobile SATCOM services for many years.  These market sectors include Leisure Cruise, Fishing, Private Yacht, Oil & Gas Exploration, and Commercial Shipping, to name a few.  At first these services were narrow-band “safety-at-sea” communications with limited voice and data connectivity. Over the past few years, demand for greater bandwidth and capability for crew-morale service, telematics, passenger internet connectivity, etc., has driven requirements well beyond these original uses.  

Today, broadband SATCOM networks are available to maritime users and fleet operators/owners via large, bulky parabolic antennas mounted on even larger pedestals, and mechanically-steered to maintain linkages to the satellites while moving.  These mechanical systems are prone to failure, and that puts the networking capabilities at risk; often far away from technical assistance.

Phasor offers the maritime satellite broadband services market the ability to provide high-bandwidth service in a more reliable, robust and failure-tolereant way.  Phasor’s technology is solid-state, with no moving parts and so satellite signals are tracked electronically.