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Hanwha Phasor Ltd has today announced the opening of its ASIC Centre of Excellence on Cambridge Science Park.

One of Europe's original tech hubs, Cambridge is one of the UK's prime locations for fast growth high-tech electronics organisations seeking talent and innovation.  The Company is looking to hire a number of additional RFIC engineers in Cambridge over the next quarter. 

Hashem Zare-Hoseini, who will be heading up the Centre, stated "the Hanwha Phasor ASIC Centre of Excellence is a fast growing IC design centre with an entrepreneurial culture that thrives on innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, technical challenge solving and fast execution in the area of beam forming phased array integrated circuits in SatCom applications". 

Jay Choi, CEO of Hanwha Phasor said "Hanwha Phasor is delighted to become part of the thriving Cambridge tech community with the opening of our ASIC Centre of Excellence here today.  We believe that the Centre will enrich Cambridge's fabless company portfolio by adding SatCom internet on the move to its already thriving connectivity, cellular, wireline and photonics sectors."