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Interoperable, ultra-low profile, high-gain satcom on the move


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Who will benefit from Hanwha Phasor’s next generation phased array antenna – the world’s first and only commercial, enterprise-grade AESA for satcom on the move?

Who needs equipment where mass and height are important, where maintenance is mission-critical and where agile, multi-beam technology is essential to seamless service from low- and medium-Earth orbiting satellites?

We’re targeting users in maritime, land mobile and aerospace in the commercial and public sectors who need very high-quality, interoperable satcom network connections for communications on the move – or ‘on the pause’.

Despite its low weight and ultra-low profile, Hanwha Phasor’s high gain, Ku-band array will meet the requirements for mission-critical satellite mobile broadband in any orbit, especially GEO and GEO HTS today and low- and medium-Earth-orbiting constellations tomorrow.

Our antenna will really come into its own in situations where heavy, mechanical, three-axis stabilised antennas (or even hybrid mechanical phased arrays) present persistent operational headaches associated with limited space; extended installation and set-up times; and the economic costly impact of field maintenance and support.

In a single 7 cm (2¾ inch) deep package, the Hanwha Phasor array’s thousands of miniature antennas mean no single points of failure in our radiating modules. Its solid-state technology is intrinsically maintenance-free, so no spares are needed. Training will be minimal. Installation will take a fraction of the time taken for conventional systems and satellite acquisition will take place in milliseconds.

This is where
and when
you need us

When aesthetics and performance matter

When there’s no room for spares and every square foot of deck space must perform

When you want to provide thousands of passengers and their crew with connectivity like home

When connectivity failures can’t wait for pier-side maintenance and terrestrial connections don’t have the reach for continuous telematics

When you need ultra-low profile, ultra-rugged antennas

When you need instant satcom and there's no tech support

When you’re a thousand miles from anywhere and can’t call tech support

When you need mission-critical comms in a seven-centimetre deep package

When agile, multi-beam technology is required to secure seamless data flow from the new LEO and MEO networks

When superior inflight connectivity cannot be at the expense of drag and higher fuel consumption

When you don’t want mushrooming parabolic antennas to draw enemy fire

When inconspicuous operation with flawless connectivity is a matter of national security

When you need to future-proof your comms-on the move for LEO

If you are a satellite operator, satcom network provider or antenna integrator, contact us here for further information on how the Hanwha Phasor array’s unique combination of comms-on-the-move characteristics can benefit your organisation.