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30 June 2022

M6 (six-module) technology demonstrator

Watch our M6 (six-module) technology demonstrator being put through its paces during routine over-the-air tests at our far-field site in Essex, England in April 2022. It is being used for critical system integration and feature development work, which will be carried over to our new, conformal, aero antenna, which will be launched in 2025.

The M6 technology demonstrator remains the only multi-orbit, modem-interoperable phased array antenna with the entire RF chain encompassed in an ultra-low profile chassis. Filmed beneath the only surviving chain tower from which the Marconi Company played a key role in development telephony and radar during the First World War and inter-war period, we are proud to exist in the same line of ground-breaking communications innovation. Our video is presented by Fiona Wilson, Head of Systems Design.

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