Interoperable, ultra-low profile, high-gain satcom on the move

How we make it


OUR KIT IS BY ANY STANDARDS, WORLD-CLASS. Housed in a dedicated facility in Cambridge Science Park, UK, our international ASIC team specialises in the highly demanding field of analogue RF and millimetre wave engineering.

New ASIC Centre of Excellence Cambridge, UK

The centre covers the disciplines of core circuit design and layout engineering and performance characterisation over the entire range. Every member of our international team enjoys state-of-the-art design, simulation and verification tools, high-end characterisation and test automation equipment, a rapidly advancing test lab and collaboration with world-class US-based foundries. System architecture and packaging design is carried out in our London facility.

Based in central London, our R&D, design, system prototyping, verification and test centre is spread over some 11,500 square feet and includes a well-equipped lab rivalling the standards and scope of Tier 1 aerospace and defence design and manufacturing companies. Here, like our ASICs team, hardware, mechanical, RF and antenna and software designers enjoy the latest simulation tools to verify and optimise their work.

Real-world calibration and beam analysis are carried out in-house – our near and far-field test facilities really set us apart. You can read about them in detail in How we test it.

BUT WITH FANCY KIT, COMES SERIOUS PROCESS AND PLANNING. We do not underestimate demand for the world’s first high-performance commercial AESA (active electronically scanned array) for satcoms on the move. With integrated system testing in full sway, Hanwha Phasor is planning for success, investing in a five-year plan to stand up operations that will deliver on time, to spec and cost.

Hanwha Phasor’s best practice operations will encompass key functions. Procurement, new product introduction (NPI), planning and logistics, quality assurance and customer services will be phased in as the business progresses through product launch to customer support in the field.

PROCUREMENT IS ALREADY ACTIVE, supporting Hanwha Phasor’s decision to outsource manufacturing to a world-class player with global reach. You can read about our agreement with Tier 1 contract electronics manufacturer Plexus here.

As Head of Operations, Dominic Philpott says: “The success of this relationship depends on our ability to plan for the long term, enabling capacity to be ramped at the desired rate. That’s why we are building the foundations of a frontline operations function now.”

Supply chain and productionisation team in place

Over the next 12 months, Hanwha Phasor will sharpen its new product introduction capabilities to equip our manufacturing partner for success.

Philpott, again: “We are no longer starting out but scaling up. Our business management systems will be equal to addressing international trade compliance issues and management and sector certifications and accreditations. Our NPI functions will ensure that design intent and criticality is perfectly conveyed to suppliers. We will build a strong prototype build and test capability and we will deliver when it comes to customer trials and qualifications.

Working with some of the world’s best foundries and a Tier 1 contract electronics manufacturer

“We know that any delay to delivery here will have far-reaching consequences for the programmes of our enterprise customers and our supply chain. That’s why Hanwha Phasor is fiercely committed to developing an organisation and an integrated sales and operational planning process that can address the complexity that lies beneath the surface of every supply chain.“

Pictured: David Adams, Head of Antennas with our six-module M6 AESA

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