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16 February 2022

Hanwha Phasor appoints new Chief Operating Officer

Dom Philpott has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Hanwha Phasor, the designer and manufacturer of flat panel antenna for mobile satcom, signalling the transition of the business from an R & D to development and production environment.

A graduate in aeronautical engineering from Salford University, where he was also awarded his doctorate in electronics manufacturing process control, Philpott began his career at global supply chain organisation Celestica, where he worked on manufacturing opto-electronics.

Next came a 15-year career at aerospace and defence group Leonardo, industrialising products, many of which involved sensor systems for military airborne applications. He held Vice President roles in operations, procurement and industrial engineering.

Philpott started at Hanwha Phasor in November 2020 after a brief spell at flat panel antenna start-up Isotropic. He has built an operations team geared up to deliver a certifiable enterprise-grade product in partnership with our design support and manufacturing partner, Plexus Corp.

Philpott reports to Dongwan Yoo, Senior Executive Vice President, Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Aerospace who leads space businesses spanning satellite communications, earth observation, advanced air mobility, space missions and rocket construction.

Yoo commented: “We are determined to build the best enterprise-grade mobile satcom antenna. In this pivotal year, we will continue to introduce processes to support critical ISO9001 certification and product quality; and we will move steadily but urgently through our systems integration test and industrialisation programmes.

“With his great breadth of operational experience, which has included the management of complex new product introduction programmes, Dom Philpott and his new team will help us reach that goal.”




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Notes for editors

About Hanwha Phasor
Hanwha Phasor is the original disruptor in ultra-low profile, very high-performance antennas for satellite communications on the move.

Marking a radical departure from traditional parabolic reflectors, its solid-state flat-panel technology will occupy a powerful position in the evolving satcom terminal ecosystem, particularly in the race for low-Earth orbit connectivity.

Hanwha Phasor has re-engineered AESAs (active electronically-steered arrays) to provide mobile satcom in a single 7 cm (2¾ inch) deep package – radome, antenna and the entire RF chain included – at a fraction of the cost of existing AESAs.

Despite this profile, its enterprise-grade technology will connect to any orbit in space from almost any environment on Earth – with no compromise on performance. When fully realised, it will include the agile multi-beam capability needed to enable seamless make-before-break service from the new low- to medium-Earth-orbiting satellites.

Hanwha Phasor’s technology came to life with Phasor Solutions, a start-up. It is now moving into the productionisation phase, with the full support of its parent company Hanwha Systems, the Korean IT, defence and aerospace giant with big ambitions in New Space. It is carrying out full lifecycle testing in its central London and outdoor test ranges at system-integration level and has entered the pre-production phase with Plexus Corp., its global design and manufacturing partner.


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