Aeronautical Broadband Markets

Phasor offers a unique value proposition to the several aeronautical satellite broadband services markets.  An aero antenna using Phasor technology is thin, conformal, and very-high gain.  It can be scaled to suit the requirement, which allows for broadband networking while in-flight.

Business jet owners and operators have limited options for data connectivity during flight. Current data on the move is slow and expensive. It offers an unsatisfactory service delivering on average 10-20 kbps for a maximum of 200-800kpbs data transfer rates whether via satellite or as a hybrid Air-to-Ground and SATCOM solution.

The provision of higher bandwidth Internet connectivity to commercial airlines and passengers in-flight has only begun within the past few years. All forecasts for aircraft sales and passenger numbers show continuing growth for many years to come. In common with the universal demand for mobile communications to connected devices (laptops, iPhones iPads, smart phones, etc.) connectivity is increasingly expected by airline passengers.