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Documenting developments in the history of our ground-breaking mobile satcom solution

ASIC team to double capacity

Developing our own ASIC is the only way to break the trade-off between power consumption, cost and performance in satcom antennas, says Hanwha Phasor CEO Dongwan Yoo.

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M6 (six-module) technology demonstrator

Watch our M6 (six-module) technology demonstrator being put through its paces during routine over-the-air tests at our far-field site in Essex, England in April 2022.

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Despite global supply chain squeeze, first PCBs delivered

First PCBs delivered for the M6 six-module phased array as Hanwha Phasor buyers triumph in the dog-eat-dog component market – and development and manufacturing partner Plexus ‘upcycles’.

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Hanwha Phasor ramps up mobile satcom system integration testing

In a pivotal year for completing all systems integration activity in the run-up to launch of its ultra-low profile, enterprise-grade antenna for mobile satellite communications, Hanwha Phasor has just successfully demonstrated 2022’s first over-the-air transmit and receive satellite link.

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Taking our antenna apart – and putting it back together again

This is surely every engineer’s idea of heaven – taking a piece of kit apart and putting it back together again. And if it’s a piece of disruptive technology, so much the better. That’s what happened when Hanwha Phasor and Plexus kickstarted the industrialization of our revolutionary antenna for satcom on the move in late October 2022.

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