Interoperable, ultra-low profile, high-gain satcom on the move



Hanwha Phasor’s productisation phase is led by a management team with significant experience of our technology and the evolving satellite communications ecosystem which our ground-breaking active electronically-steered phased array will enable.

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Walsh

We’ve withstood the rigours of technology due diligence from leading players at all levels of the satellite industry. Now it’s about moving to full productisation and volume production – and we have the backing and focus to get there.

Vice President, Engineering

Yee Hong Tan

I wanted more than a start-up working on an exit strategy. I wanted the opportunity to influence not only the evolution of technology but the evolution of a business on firm financial foundations. I feel energised.

Vice-President, Government Business Development

Russ Roberts

Enabling low-Earth-orbiting satellites alone will lead to extraordinary technology breakthroughs. I want to be part of that.

Head of Human Resources

Sarah Tobin

Policies, processes and procedures are liberating – management tools offering a straight line to efficiency. But they are also about fairness – everyone knowing what the rules are and being given a fair chance to follow them – and ensuring that everyone is treated equitably.